Work Will Always Get Results

Doctor: "How long do you spend sitting every day?"

Patient: "Probably around 10 hours every day."

Doctor: "That makes sense, your body's adapting well."

Patient: "What do you mean? My back is in pain, my shoulders are forwards and my ass hurts all the time."

Doctor: "Exactly, your body is adapting to sitting, and it's doing a great job of it. The results you want aren't desirable, but you are becoming marvellous at sitting. Imagine what would happen if you spent 10 hours every day running? Your body would adapt to that too. Right now, there's nothing wrong with your body. The biggest problem here is your lifestyle."

Patient: "But I don't want to adapt to sitting, I want to be healthy and happy. I don't want to be in pain any more."

Doctor: "Then I'll give you a few stretches and exercises which will help, but the only way to change your body is to change your lifestyle."

Patient: "But I can't change my lifestyle. I'm working all day, every day and I barely get a chance to take a 5-minute break."

Doctor: "Okay, that sounds like a problem. Do you want to be in pain?"

Patient: "It is, and of course, I don't. Isn't there a pill you can give me?"

Doctor: "There's no pill on the planet that's going to do work for you. You either find the time to change your habits, or you find the time to deal with the pain."

Doctors would never speak to their patients like this, but they should. The truth isn't easy, and it will be met with an unwelcomed response, but the truth is always the truth.

What we fail to realise is that all of our actions are 'work' to the body, and the work you put in will always get results.

Sitting is the best example of this. People are quick to moan about the dangers and the pains of sitting, but they forget that by sitting for 8 - 10 hours per day, you're putting in the work to force your body to adapt.

Imagine putting 8 - 10 hours per day into anything. In no time at all, you'll start to adapt and what you're doing will become easier for you. Want to wake up every morning at 5am? Do it 100 times and your body will adapt. Want to snooze every time you hit your alarm goes off? Do it 100 times and your body will adapt.

Every time you do something, you cause your body to change. Your body doesn't care whether you view the action as positive or negative. The body's focus is survival. If you continuously take the same action, the body will adapt to survive, regardless of the consequences.

If you have a bad diet and develop heart disease, that is your body adapting. Hardening your arteries and increasing cholesterol levels are adaptations. They're not ideal, but they are adaptations.

What does this mean for you? Do more of the things you want to be good at. If your posture is terrible, then spend more time standing and working with good posture. Yes, it will suck at first. Yes, there will be pain. But over time, you'll be grateful you put the work in.

Want to learn how to be an assertive, more dominant character? Then spend more time being assertive and less time being submissive.

The formula is that simple. Do more of what you want to improve, and less of the things you want to remove.

A Lesson for Future Champions

The truth hurts, but the truth will get you results.

The body doesn't care what you put your time into. It'll adapt to make whatever you do easier for you.

If you're taking positive actions, then your body will become better at those actions.

If you're taking negative actions, then your body will become better at those.

Don't be surprised that you're not getting the results you want, when you're spending your time and energy taking actions which don't serve these results.

Do more of what you want to improve, and less of the things you want to remove.