Who are you?

There's a big difference between someone who earns $1m, $10m and $100m. There's an even bigger difference between an amateur boxer and a professional boxer.

What do you think that difference is?

  • Time?
  • Commitment?
  • Energy?

Yes, those all matter, but what matters most is 'who' they are.

The pain and suffering required to be a professional boxer is a universe apart from an amateur boxer. The level of sacrifice and obsession is unimaginable. The same is true for someone earning $1m compared to those earning $100m. As the stakes increase, so does the sacrifice and commitment.

Most people use their backgrounds or their genetics as an excuse for their results. But these factors make a nominal difference. The shortest NBA player in history was 5ft 3, and the average height is 6ft 7.

It's much easier to blame your circumstances than to accept them and use them to your advantage.

If you dream about becoming a professional boxer but have a 4" shorter reach than the average athlete, then what do you do? You stretch your strengths. You commit to doing the best you can with what God gave you.
You can always outwork the competition. Who do you think will see better results? The person giving it 110% or the person giving it 130%?

Whether you have to add in another workout every day or spend an extra hour working on your dreams in the morning, there's always something you can do to move forward. After all, you are in control of who you are, no-one else.

A Lesson for Future Champions

Mindset comes up a lot in Brunch because it plays an invaluable role in everything you do. As the stakes get higher, you cannot be the person you were before, to get new results.

When you think the same, act the same and move the same, then you're destined to be the same. It's that simple. As the stakes get higher, you'll change in ways you couldn't believe you'd change, but that's what's necessary to move to the next level.

You'll work more than you thought possible. You'll make more sacrifices than you thought possible. But above all else, the way you think will be completely different.

People will think you've gone insane.

But to get insane results, sometimes, you have to do insane things.