When it Counts

When you're beaten and broken, torn and shattered.

When you look at your alarm and think, "today,  I can't face the world."

That's when it counts.

When you want to do something the least, that's when you should do it the most. Whether it's hard, dull, stressful or straightforward, it doesn't matter, what matters is teaching yourself a lesson. What matters is knowing that when things get tough, you're ready to rise to the occasion.

Your mindset is the most valuable asset that you own. When you change how you think, you change how you see and interact with the world. If you're able to take on the world at your worst, imagine what you're ready to do when you're at your best.

It isn't always easy to push yourself when you're at your worst. There are times where I doubt myself, hate myself and question why I'm putting myself on the line. But no-one is forcing me to live my life. No-one is forcing me to do what I choose to do. Most of us are privileged enough to be in this situation. No-one is putting a gun to your head and saying 'this is your life'.  Through sheer discipline, I know that if I've chosen to do something, whether it's at the height of happiness, or from a pit of despair, I know I'll get it done.

Why? Because I've put in the work when it counts.

When you're feeling tired, that's when it counts. When you don't want to get out of bed, that's when it counts. When you're feeling lost and alone, that's when it counts. Be accountable to yourself first, before you're accountable to anyone else.

If you've told yourself that you'd go to the gym this evening, go to the gym. If you've told yourself that you'd start eating better, start eating better. If you've told yourself that you'd wake up at 5 am tomorrow, wake up at 5 am.

Don't hurt yourself or do anything stupid. If you're nursing an injury, or you're tackling real trauma, then don't push yourself to the brink of extinction for the sake of it. But it's your job to know the difference between 'being tired' and 'being broken'. But when something is uncomfortable, it means growth is around the corner.

When you're feeling down and out, none of this is easy, and at the time, you might not feel great for doing it. But in the long-run, taking positive action in this state is the right choice, because you're creating a relentless mindset. You're training yourself to be more than talk. You're training yourself to become the walk.

Your mindset plays a big part in your success. The best time to build your mindset is when things start getting tough. That's when it counts.

A Lesson For Future Champions

It's your job to push yourself. No-One else is going to do it for you. You can pay a personal trainer, but if you're not willing to head to the gym when you're feeling tired, then your trainer can't drag you there.

When you're feeling beaten and broken, torn and shattered, remember that this is when it counts. The only difference between who you are today and who you want to be is action. Creating a mindset focused on action means becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. It means pushing past the trivial problems that come up in our everyday lives.

Sometimes, you won't get 6 - 8 hours sleep, deal with it. Sometimes, you won't be feeling 100% or even 60%, deal with it. Sometimes, it'll feel as if the world isn't on your side, deal with it.

When things are tough, and resistance is doing its best to knock you down, that's when it counts. Building a champion's mindset isn't about being able to work through the good times. It's about being able to work through the hard times too.

Change the way you think, and you'll change your life.

Now is when it counts.