Think Less Do More

Have you ever caught yourself researching your next steps before taking them? I sure as hell have, on multiple occasions.

Every time I catch myself researching something, I ask myself, is this necessary? Am I better off taking action instead? 9/10 times the answer is yes.

We need to think less and do more.

At the press of a button, we can find an opinion on almost anything. Remember, too much information is paralysis. Too much information leads to overthinking and 'overscience-ing'.

Science is desperate to isolate a specific use cases and to create a definitive conclusion based on said use case. The problem with science, is that science is desperate for the rational, whereas we're desperate for results.

And instead of taking action, we wait for science to give us their verdict. But science is only 'just' confirming that practices like meditation are beneficial for the mind and body. Yet, these practices have been used for thousands of years by the people who've experimented with, and seen the value of the practice.

For the record, I'm on side with science. It creates miracles and is invaluable for the modern world. But I'm not on the side with overthinking and hyper-rationalisation.

Stop looking at studies, stop reading, and start doing.

For most of the actions you want to take, research isn't needed. Research is a slow process compared to taking action and experimenting yourself.

Want to see if meditation works? Do it. Want to see if the ketogenic diet works? Do it. Want to see if you're able to follow a diurnal sleeping pattern? Do it. You'll quickly see if it works for you, and then you won't need to read 20,000 words of prose in the process.

Think less and do more. With this mindset, you'll gain a wealth of experience and you'll develop a sense for what is 'right or wrong' for you.

But don't forget to use your own logic here. If you're about to embark into muddy waters or dangerous territory, always consult an expert, or do enough research until you're comfortable making a decision.

Yes, think less and do more, but don't be stupid.

If it threatens your life, then take a moment to consider your next steps. For most of us, the decisions we take on a daily-basis aren't life-threatening. Most of our research involves lurking, or searching for research that already affirms our beliefs.

Stop reading about life and start living it.

A Lesson for Future Champions

It's incredible how much of our lives we spend inside our heads.

We prefer the finding the opinion of others and gathering 'information' before we take action. But 9/10 time we don't need research, we need action.

Want to know if meditation will change your life? Then do it.

Science is only just discovering that a number of age-old practices are beneficial for the mind and body. Imagine if in 100 years, science confirms that what you do on a daily-basis, is the latest and greatest self-improvement trend. Now ask yourself, how would you feel if you stopped doing it, or never started doing it, simply because you couldn't find the right research?

Too much information is paralysis. When you're not making a decision which is life-threatening, think less and do more.