The 3 Words That Kill Fear

It doesn't matter what you do, people will have an opinion on it. Even if you're timeless, like Shakespeare, you'll still be subject to the opinion of others.

But whatever your opinion on Shakespeare, it's impossible to ignore that the man was an incredibly talented wordsmith. Shakespeare knew how to use words to capture the essence of human nature, and for that, we should all be grateful.

Why? Because sometimes it takes the wise words of another to help us see the flaws ins ourselves. When Shakespeare famously wrote 'all the world's a stage' he created a timeless insight that continues to be true hundred of years later.

We spend our entire lives acting. For ourselves. For others. But we don't spend anywhere near as much time acting for ourselves, as we spend acting for others.

Why? Fear. Most of us are terrified of what others think of us.

Don't believe me? What's stopping you from walking down the street right now, and yelling 'yes!' as loud as you can? You might have a number of reasons not to, but unless they involve an inability to use your voice, these reasons are just excuses.

Want to prove me wrong? Yell 'yes!' right now. I dare you. You didn't do it, did you?

The excuses we tell ourselves are powerful. They rationalise fear, and if you can't (at least once) do the above challenge, then admit to yourself that you're scared. You're not thinking about the action, you're thinking about the consequences of the action. Which means you're thinking about what someone else will do if you yell  'yes'.

The only certainty in life is that everything is uncertain.

I'm not asking you to bend to my will and shout 'yes!' simply because I asked you to. I'm asking you to face your fear of the opinions of others. Like Shakespeare, people will criticise you and they will have something to say.

Don't hide from your dreams because you're scared of what others will think. An opinion is just an opinion, and at the end of the day, no-one really cares.

A Lesson for Future Champions

I want you to repeat this next sentence until it sticks.

No-one cares about what you do with your life, other than you.

Shouting in the street might offend someone, but you're not going to be the focal point of their lives. Why? Because like you, they're concerned with themselves, and like you, they're concerned with what others will think about them.

We all feel as if we're the centre of the universe, and that's because to ourselves, we are. But every person in the world feels that way. Which means that when you take an action, anyone who sees or decides to interact with that action, doesn't care about you at all. They care about how your action makes them feel, and even then, it's only for a split second at best. After that, they go back to living their own lives.

Fear makes us forget this. It makes us forget that the actions we're scared to take really don't matter at all.

Yelling 'yes!' is the smallest way to teach yourself that in order to live your life, you have to become free from your fear of what others will think.

Sure, you can get by if you give in to fear, but getting by isn't living. Getting by is what most of the world does. It's the reason why most of the world feels stuck and lost.

The next time you worry about what someone else will think, remember...

...No-one cares.