Intent, Intent, Intent

Before you do anything, set yourself a firm, unwavering intent that stretches you.

Imagine that right now, you say to yourself that you'll do 10 pushups. If that's easy for you, you'll breeze through the process, but you'll still stop at 10. That's selling yourself short, you should've set a stronger, more challenging intent.

Now, imagine that instead of 10 pushups, you set the number to 50. That's much harder, and while you may struggle to reach 50, you will reach it if you're physically capable. Even if you're not physically capable, you'll push yourself harder than aiming for 10 pushups.

Why? Because you've primed your mind to focus on achieving a specific goal. Setting intent changes your mindset.

If you command yourself to do something, then your subconscious will listen. If your subconscious listens, then it supports you in taking action. If you live your life with a mindset that's self-defeating, or you find it hard to 'take off the handbrakes' then that's because your intent toward taking action is weak.

When your intent is weak, you end up in situations where you transform molehills into mountains. Everything becomes more difficult with weak intent because weak intent creates a weak mindset. Imagine if your intent for years was to do 20-30 pushups, but this entire time you've been capable of 300? Since you never set the intent to push, your mind and body never pushed.

That's why we need to set ourselves strong intent. We need to craft a mindset that's always looking to stretch. A mindset that pushes you to fight and to overcome. A mindset that wants you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

All of this stems from intent, and we're already used to practising intent on a dailybasis. The only difference is awareness.

When you go to the kitchen to grab a snack, you do so because of intent. Sometimes it's conscious, and sometimes, it's because of a subconscious thought that causes you to take action. Even when you're not hungry, you can set the intent to eat and guess what happens? You eat. This is the beauty behind setting intent, think it and you will become it.

Set yourself a firm, unwavering intent to push yourself to grow, and your body will learn that it to stretch itself beyond its current limits.

Unless you stretch yourself, you'll never know how far you can reach. With intent, this process becomes much easier.

A Lesson for Future Champions

Never sell yourself short.

Your potential is phenomenal, but it's untapped. Set yourself a clear, unwavering intent to stretch yourself, and you will rise to the occasion (or at least push yourself to do so). Once your subconscious knows and believes you're willing to push yourself, the world becomes an incredibly different place.

But to get train your subconscious to act like this, you have to continue you to set the intention to stretch yourself. If you're capable of doing 100 pull-ups, as impressive as that is, you need to set your intent for 200. Is that ridiculous? Not as ridiculous as 1000. Aim as high as possible and see how far you're able to reach.

By setting intent like that, you will push and you will succeed. If you're forever setting the bar low, then expect your results to sit at that bar.

Intent will stretch you, and champions are masters of stretching themselves.