Forget the Rest

The list of things that want our attention is endless, and like everyone else in the world, we only have 24 hours per day. No more, no less.

When you find yourself struggling to get results, ask yourself, where am I spending my time? For me, my curse was numbers. I spent my time working on too many things.

What happens when you work on too many things? You never get anything done. Yes, I was told to fix this countless times over the years, but I always ignored the advice.

"I'm different, I can focus on a million things and become incredible at all of them."

Yeah, I was wrong, and it took me a few months of spinning in circles until I finally took the advice on board.

Once I started directing my energy into a single focus, it became easier to get results and to push beyond my comfort zone to grow.

We forget that all actions (big or small) take time and energy.

When you work on a million projects, when things get tough, you default back to the path of least resistance. It's easier and it takes less energy to do what we already know. When we're scared, or struggling with something challenging, we'll always follow the path of least resistance.

And if we're always doing the same things, then we'll always get the same results. When you want to grow, you need to focus on what's most important, and forget the rest.

The champions of this world do everything they can to keep their attention tied to their goals. Otherwise, it's impossible to achieve game-changing results. You end up pushed, pulled and shaken in directions you don't care for. Worst of all, you end up pushed, pulled and shaken in directions that don't care for you.

You cannot buy more time. Once it's gone, it's gone. That's why your focus is precious.

Being a champion means protecting your time and focusing on what matters most. You have to teach yourself to forget the rest. Work on less and get more results in return.

Get rid of the dead weight that's holding you back by asking yourself, what would you take a bullet for? At least 80% of the things keeping you busy right now, don't matter at all. If you wouldn't take a bullet for it, then get rid of it.

Use your time to work on what matters most to you. Champions will die for their dreams. Find what you'd die for, focus on that and forget rest.

Does this sound extreme? If you want extreme results, you need to take extreme actions.

A Lesson for Future Champions

Become ruthless at saying no.

Say no to everything that wants to steal your focus away from you. It's not easy to say no, but starting something new never is. Once you learn to say no, you'll notice that it becomes easier to spot what's a distraction and what's supporting your goals.

Like everyone on this planet, you have 24 hours each day. Once you've spent those 24 hours, you can't get them back.

Time will always feel like an unlimited resource...until it's not.

What would you take a bullet for?

You might not have an immediate answer, but use this question to understand if what you're already working on matters to you. If the answer is no, then get rid of it and forget about it.

Focus on what matters most, and forget the rest.