Focus on Results

Productivity is a subjective skill. What's productive for you, could be the least productive action for someone else.

Social media is an excellent example of this.

For some, social media is a marketing engine generating millions of dollars. For others, it's a way to distract themselves from getting real results.

For one, the action is productive, for the other, it's destructive.

The simplest way to gauge if your actions are productive is to see if they're leading to results. That's the end goal of productivity. If you're not getting results, then your actions aren't productive.

It's easy for me to talk passionately about productivity because, for years, I fooled myself into believing my actions were productive. In reality, my actions wasted my time, and the time of others.

Since I didn't focus on results, I had no way to measure input vs. output. And what's the simplest way to measure results? Money.

Money is energy.

When you have money, you're able to buy and create energy in anything you choose. Money is not inherently good or evil, it's energy. It's what you choose to do with this energy that counts.

When you tie your results to money, you're using your energy to create more energy. There's nothing more productive than that on the planet.

Of course, not all your actions will lead directly to results. This is where the subjective nature of productivity comes back into play. Only you can define whether your actions are headed in the right direction.

Learn to take a ruthless attitude toward analysing your actions. It's the only way to understand if you're working toward results, or if you're lying to yourself.

Here's a quick list of actions commonly defined as productive. Use your sixth-sense to decide whether these are actions are productive, or a waste of time. Afterward, ask yourself if you're guilty of applying the same logic to your own actions.

  • Reading a book to gain new knowledge
  • Answering emails to keep on top of workload
  • Queueing social posts to improve marketing efforts
  • Replying to social posts to stay connected with prospects
  • Memorising information to help it sink into your subconscious
  • Mentally rehearsing physical activities to improve performance
  • Boring yourself to improve your creativity

Subjective, right?

A Lesson for Future Champions

Measuring productivity will always comes down to results.

If you're taking action and you're not getting results, then you're not being productive. How do you measure your results? Money.

Money is energy. When you have money, you're able to buy more energy from resources, or from others. If you're using your energy to acquire more energy, that's as productive as it comes.

Remember, only you are able to define whether your actions will get results in the future.

Money is not the be all and end all, but there's a good chance that no matter what your goals are, the extra energy provided by money is a force multiplier.