Find Yours

We all have them. It doesn't matter who you are, or what you do, you have them too. They're on screens, they're in books, and they're in plain sight.

What am I'm talking about? Enemies. Whether we're conscious of it or not, we all have enemies in our lives.

Why? Because as humans, we're driven by stories. Stories have been responsible for our evolution and growth for aeons. We use stories to share information, deliver bad news, and pass on knowledge. Stories are everything to us.

Don't believe me? Take television as an example. Whether it's the news, a movie, or a soap-opera, all of these are programmes are story-driven. That's how they capture our attention. Social media is the same. It allows you to share your story with the world, and at the same time, it allows you to follow the stories of others.

Without stories, the world is a boring place, and so are the people within it. You'll notice that in  life, you'll prefer spending time with people who are either great story-tellers, or  people who give you a good story to tell.

All great stories in the world can be boiled down to 3 core components:

  • They have a hero (the person who moves the story forward)
  • They have an enemy (the force they're fighting against)
  • They have a journey (where they channel their energy)

In life, you are the hero of your story, and without an enemy, there is no journey.

Let's take a favourite example of mine. Have you ever heard of the DJ Khaled? Of course you have, after all, he created the single greatest motivational video of all time. DJ Khaled has a clear enemy—'they'. 'They' are the people that don't want you to succeed. 'They' are the people who doubt that you're capable. 'They' are the fat cats that believe you're not worthy.

That's a compelling enemy, right? It's also an enemy we're all clearly able to relate to. 'They' have doubted us too, and we've had to battle with them as well.

And this is the beauty of having enemies, it allows us to feel as if we're a part of the same story. If we have the same enemy, we're part of the same tribe and we're on the same journey.

Enemies aren't always people. Sometimes they're abstract concepts like climate change, or procrastination. As long as we feel the cause is worth fighting against, then an enemy is created. But without an enemy, there is no story, and without a story, you'll find it difficult for others to relate to your message.

Why? Because without an enemy, where is the hero's energy channelled? To be the hero of your story, and to stand for something, you need an enemy.

What's my enemy? Resistance.

Resistance is the mysterious force that courses through the universe. It's the force that wants you to remain stagnant. It's the force that wants you to never change. It's the force which manifests itself as negative people, self-doubt, and setbacks.

I hate resistance, and there's no way I'd let resistance win.

Whenever I'm about to collapse during a workout, I know I have to fight resistance. Whenever I'm writing, I know resistance will do its best to distract me. I refuse to lose to resistance. My journey is to move from challenger to champion, and I know I'll need to battle resistance along the way.

A Lesson for Future Champions

Humans are wired to enjoy stories.

Stories help us learn, share information, and keep us entertained. Don't take my word for it, stories are everywhere. Whether it's Netflix, social media or movies, stories are an integral part of our culture.

The core components of any story are the hero, the enemy, and the journey. You are the hero of your own story and without an enemy, you have nowhere to channel your energy. Find your enemy and channel your energy against it. It may be a person, an inanimate force, or an object—it doesn't matter what your enemy is, as long as it helps you to stay motivated and to tell your story.

Also, having a common enemy allows you to create tribes and influence. DJ Khaled's enemy 'they' is a great example of this. 'They' are the people that don't want you to succeed, and as the hero, you are happy to channel your energy in to proving them wrong.

Having an enemy is inevitable, so choose an enemy that motivates you and use your enemy as a means to stand for what you believe in.

Don't worry, everyone's story has an enemy, even the transcendental Buddhist types. Their enemy is ignorance, the selfish nature of humanity, and even the darkness within themselves.

Enemies, what's yours?