Don't Change a Comma

Scripts are timeless because they work. They've been tried and tested. Beaten to death. They've been picked, pulled and hacked at for generations.

Imagine your goal is to design and build a new car. What's the first thing you'd change? Would it be the wheel? The engine? The chassis?

How about 'none of the above?'

If this is the first time you're building a car, then change nothing. Cars are full of complicated scripts. Scripts which have been iterated on for almost 100 years. Instead of fighting these scripts, start by embracing them.

Scripts are tried and tested to get results. If you discount these scripts, what you're discounting is the countless hours of work that have made these scripts successful.

Sure, you can ignore the script, but why would you? It's easy to believe you're better than the script, but that's rarely the case. Only once you have results do you have the right to tweak, break and tear the script apart.

If you don't have results, then you'll get them by following the script.

Where do you find scripts to follow? Find someone who's achieved what you want to achieve, and copy their actions—it's that simple.

Some people give their scripts away for free. Some people charge you for them. Some people wait for you to ask.

For years, I ignored the scrips. From weight-loss to running a business, I failed to see any success until I followed the respective script. Once you're possession of a script from an expert with results, follow it down to the last letter.

Don't change a comma.

A Lesson for Future Champions

The shortest route to success is to follow the tried, tested and beaten scripts.

If someone has achieved what you want to achieve, then follow their script. If you choose to ignore the script and you realise you're not getting results, then you already know why.

We all like to believe we're the smartest people in the world, but unless we have the results to back this thinking up, it's safe to say that's not the case.

One day, you'll be giving your script to others and one day, someone will complain that your script doesn't work.

"Don't change a comma."